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Labour market

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The number of unemployed persons is the central supply indicator of the labour market. It shows the number of people who are willing and able to work, but currently have no job. Unemployment can exactly be defined in different ways.

The most prominent figure in public awareness in Germany generally is the number of registered unemployed as published by the Federal Employment Agency. A figure suitable for examining trends and international comparisons is the number of unemployed according to the concept of the International Labour Organization (ILO). This figure does not depend on varying provisions of social law.



Registered Unemployed


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Unemployed ILO concept


Unemployed person

Unemployed ILO-Conzept, Monthly data, Long term series from 2007

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February 2014: employment up 0.8% on a year earlier

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Nearly 2 million inactives would like to work

2011 Census


On 31 May 2013, the statistical offices released first results of the 2011 Census.

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