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National accounts, domestic product

National Accounts

Important economic indicators

1 Change on the previous year in %.

2 Average population based on the 2011 Census (on 9th of May: 80,219,695 inhabitants).

3 Results of the labour force survey (microcensus) according to the definition of the ILO.

4 Economically active population as % of total population.

5 Unemployed persons as % of economically active population.

6 Price-adjusted GDP per person in employment resp. per hour worked by persons in employment.

7 Compensation of employees as % of net national income.

8 Saving as % of disposable income of households.

9 Compensation of employees per employee resp. per hour worked by

Last updated: 23 February 2018

Economic growth
Gross domestic product (GDP)
at current pricesEuro billion 3,043.73,144.13,263.4
per capita2Euro37,26038,18039,454
Population and labour force participation
Total population1,00081,68782,34982,713
Persons in employment (domestic concept)1,00043,06943,63844,291
Unemployed persons31,0001,9501,7741,633
Activity rate4%
Unemployment rate5%
Labour productivity
per capita1, 6%
per hour1, 6%
Gross national incomeEuro billion3,099.83,197.23,323.5
Net national income (factor costs)Euro billion2,264.92,338.02,434.4
Wage ratio7% 






Saving ratio8%
Wages and salaries
Wages and salaries
per employees per monthEuro2,7092,7752,851
per hours worked by employeesEuro24.9825.7726.50
Net wages and salaries
per employees per monthEuro1,7961,8371,883
per hours worked by employeesEuro16.5617.0617.50
Unit labour costs
per capita1, 9%
per hour1, 9%
Government deficit ratio
Net lending/net borrowing as % of GDP at current prices%

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