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National accounts, domestic product

National Accounts

Labour productivity, average wages and unit labour costs - Per capita
Change on the previous year in %
Gross value added201420152016

1 Gross domestic product resp. gross value added (price-adjusted, chain-linked index 2010 = 100) per person in employment (calculated as index 2010 = 100).
2 Labour costs (calculated as index 2010 = 100) in relation to labour productivity.

Last updated: 25 August 2017

Labour productivity1
Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing -
Industry (including construction)
Service industries - 0.2 - 0.00.2
Compensation of employees
Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing1.11.53.5
Industry (including construction)
Service industries3.02.82.4
Gross wages and salaries
Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing1.11.73.5
Industry (including construction)
Service industries2.93.02.8
Unit labour costs2
Agriculture, hunting and forestry; fishing16.3 - 14.01.1
Industry (including construction) -
Service industries3.22.82.2

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