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National accounts, domestic product

National Accounts

Government revenue and expenditure as defined in European System of Accounts (ESA)1
Euro billion
Government revenue and expenditure201420152016

1 Excluding arrangements between two parties who agree to exchange, over time and according to predetermined rules,
streams of payments on the same amounts of indebtedness, relating especially to interest rate swaps and currency swaps.
- Swap receipts are not recorded as property income.

Last updated: 23 May 2017

Total revenue1,306.7591,354.7841,414.730
Payments for the market and for the other non-market output
(including the output for own final use)
Other subsidies on production0.2790.2250.197
Property income25.06221.82819.290
Social contributions482.018500.762523.317
Other current transfers19.07219.46520.289
Capital transfers12.16512.16715.353
Total expenditure1,298.2071,333.8611,388.380
Intermediate consumption134.343139.531150.140
Compensation of employees224.113228.625236.658
Other taxes on production0.1840.1840.181
Property income51.98047.27343.230
Social benefits in kind240.007252.404268.048
Social benefits other than social transfers in kind452.515470.990487.334
Other current transfers72.25775.23675.468
Capital transfers37.23529.71135.362
Gross capital formation60.94064.25066.264
Acquisitions less disposals of non-financial non-produced assets-1.351-1.844-1.341
= Net lending / net borrowing8.55220.92326.350
in % of gross domestic product0.30.70.8

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