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National accounts, domestic product

Gross domestic product

Gross domestic product
quarterUnadjusted figuresFigures according to Census X-12-ARIMA
Price-adjusted, chain-linked
at current pricesPrice-adjusted, chain-linkedSeasonally and calendar-adjustedCalendar-adjusted
Euro bn%12010 = 100%12010 = 100%2%1

1 Change on the previous year or the same quarter of the preceding year in %.

2 Change on the previous year or previous quarter in %.

Last update: 15 May 2018

20181st qtr825.8603.5114.371.6114.710.32.3


4th qtr829.8304.0112.942.3114.370.62.9
3rd qtr831.0504.3115.172.2113.680.72.7
2nd qtr804.3902.6111.861.0112.850.62.3
1st qtr798.0804.3112.553.4112.140.92.1
20164th qtr797.6802.5110.391.3111.140.41.8
3rd qtr797.1202.9112.651.7110.680.31.8
2nd qtr784.0504.7110.753.3110.310.51.9
1st qtr765.2003.1108.881.5109.800.61.9
20154th qtr778.1104.2108.962.1109.110.41.3
3rd qtr774.4803.8110.751.8108.650.31.7
2nd qtr749.1503.9107.241.8108.300.41.8
1st qtr741.9103.3107.301.3107.820.11.2
20144th qtr746.8303.8106.732.0107.700.91.9
3rd qtr746.3103.2108.771.5106.750.31.4
2nd qtr720.8203.2105.361.3106.41– 0.21.7
1st qtr718.5104.8105.933.0106.590.92.8
20134th qtr719.2903.3104.601.4105.660.41.5
3rd qtr723.1603.1107.191.2105.230.50.7
2nd qtr698.3303.0104.040.9104.700.90.5
1st qtr685.4600.4102.87– 1.5103.78– 0.2– 0.3

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