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National accounts, domestic product

European Union (EU) Stability Pact

Data relating to the EU excessive deficit procedure for Germany in billion Euro
Data for the excessive deficit procedure12014201520162017

1 April 2018 EDP notification.
2 Consolidated nominal gross debt at the end of the year. Source: Deutsche Bundesbank.

Net borrowing (-) / net lending (+)
General government (Sector 13)15.5125.4331.8641.21
Central government (Subsector 1311)14.7015.7513.615.70
State government (Subsector 1312)-1.143.824.8616.22
Local government (Subsector 1313)-
Social security funds (Subsector 1314)3.172.728.2310.54
Deficit ratio (Net borrowing/net lending in % of GDP)
General government gross debt3 (Sector 13)2,192.002,161.782,145.472,092.64
Debt ratio (in % of GDP)74.771.068.264.1
memorandum items:
Gross fixed capital formation of general government60.5064.2866.7971.12
Interest (consolidated) of general government45.2640.4135.4134.30
Gross domestic product (GDP) at current market prices2,932.473,043.653,144.053,263.35

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