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National accounts, domestic product


Input-output table, 2013 (Revision 2014), at basic prices - domestic output and imports - Euro bn
input of homogeneous brachesfinal
uses of
total uses
primary sector1secondary sector2tertiary
1 Agriculture, forestry and fishing.
2 Industry.
3 Services.
X = Cell blocked for logical reasons.
- = No figures or magnitude zero.
Primary sector112.544.42.359.134.693.7
Secondary sector212.71,086.6214.51,313.81,782.03,095.8
Tertiary sector313.5418.0958.01,389.51,840.33,229.8
Intermediate consumption of homogeneous branches and final uses of goods38.61,549.01,174.82,762.53,656.96,419.4
Taxes on products less subsidies on products1.411.652.165.2218.4283.6
Intermediate consumption of homogeneous branches and final uses of products at purchase prices40.01,560.71,227.02,827.63,875.46,703.0
Compensation of employees (domestic concept)6.7409.91,010.91,427.5X X
Other taxes on production less other subsidies on production-,,4.8X X
Consumption of fixed capital9.3122.6374.2506.2X X
Net operating surplus13.0144.3456.5613.7X X
Gross value added23.4676.91,842.32,542.6X X
Output63.42,237.63,069.35,370.3X X
including: production for further processing8.5160.3- 168.8X X
Imports of similar products at cost, insurance. freight (cif)-prices30.3858.3160.51,049.1X X
including: Imports of similar products from EU countries at cost, insurance, freight (cif)-prices18.5485.691.6595.7X X
Total supply of products93.73,095.83,229.86,419.4X X

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