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Stock of consumer durables at the end of the year in billion Euro
Stock of consumer durablesUnit2014201520162017
1 Therapeutic medical appliances and equipment; Jewellery, clocks and watches.
Net, at current replacement prices
All consumer durablesbillion Euro991.1631,011.3071,043.0741,074.276
Furniture and household appliancesbillion Euro411.892418.683427.147434.558
Personal transport equipmentbillion Euro301.813306.853316.753328.754
Recreational and entertainment goodsbillion Euro119.065122.769129.275135.081
Other durable goods1billion Euro158.393163.002169.899175.883
price-adjusted, chain-linked index (2010 = 100)
All consumer durables100103.62105.03106.86108.93
Furniture and household appliances100102.07102.99104.27105.66
Personal transport equipment10095.4495.9497.6599.85
Recreational and entertainment goods100132.99140.15147.18154.51
Other durable goods1100105.45106.63107.22107.79

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