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Price Kaleidoscope

The rate of price increase does not only depend on how prices change. The weights with which the price trends of the individual goods and services are reflected in the consumer price index are also important. On the one hand, the Price Kaleidoscope gives a quick overview of the weights and price trends of the individual goods and services classes. On the other, it offers very detailed information on the price trends in certain fields.

This graphic shows a preview on the price kaleidoscope.

Use the Price Kaleidoscope to get an overview of the price trends and weights of various goods and services classes.

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The complete results of consumer price statistics can be retrieved in various file formats by the database system GENESIS-Online. Aggregated results can be downloaded free of charge on our site publications (only in German).

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Key figures

Change on the same period of the pre­vious year
Consumer prices03/20141.0%
Pro­ducer prices of
indus­trial pro­ducts
Construc­tion prices02/20142.0%
Import prices02/2014 -2.7%
Export prices02/2014-0.7%

Press releases

Producer prices in March 2014: –0.9% on March 2013

Correction in the 2nd Table Consumer prices in March 2014: +1.0% on March 2013

Wholesale prices in March 2014: –1.7% on March 2013

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