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Price trends of selected goods and services

Consumer Price Index of Germany 2010 = 100
per mill1
Year-on-year changes
in July 2018 in %
1 Proportion of all expenses of Weighting pattern.
Price increases
Butterhead lettuce or iceberg lettuce0.6033.8
Heating oil11.1128.5
Hair colour or hair dye0.3423.3
Liquefied gas, charging of a Tank container0.3520.7
Carrots, pulses, asparagus or the like0.4018.1
Diesel fuel, cetane number below 60 8.1816.4
Apple juice or similar fruit juice1.0812.9
Veterinary services1.7912.0
Price reductions
Girls' skirt suit, dress, skirt or pant suit0.66- 11.5
Operating system or other PC application software0.42- 11.1
Children's T-shirt or sweatshirt0.50- 10.7
TV set3.44- 8.9
Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries or the like0.94- 8.6
Women's skirt0.43- 7.6
Flight ticket2.90- 6.9
Portable computer2.59- 6.3
Book for children or young people1.25- 4.3
Sugar or sweetener0.42- 4.1

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