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In price statistics, results of price comparisons in time or regional terms are published in the form of indices. The indices refer to the levels of consumers, producers, wholesale trade and foreign trade. Absolute average prices in euros are calculated only as purchase values of building land or agricultural land and of energy sources.

In FOCUS / 2015-03-27

Fluctuations in energy prices

The strong fluctuations in energy prices have increased many users’ interest in reliable official data on the price development for various energy types. In this context, demand focuses on information showing the causes of the current price developments. This includes price indices at various stages in the economic and marketing processes regarding the different energy types. Such indices can be used to understand the price development, from imports of primary energy sources or their domestic production to the price effects for individual groups of final consumers.

The publication "Data on energy price trends" combines energy data from various price statistics of the Federal Statistical Office and the Statistical Office of the EU (Eurostat).

Latest results of important price indices

Consumer prices

Consumer price index, change on the same month of the previous year in %

Consumer price index

Consumer prices in February 2015: 0.1% on February 2014

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Producer prices of
industrial products

Index of producer prices for industrial products, change on the same month of the previous year in %

Entwicklung des Index der Erzeugerpreise gewerblicher Produkte

Producer prices in February 2015: - 2.1 % on Febuary 2014

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Construction prices

Construction price index1 , new construction of residential buildings, change on the same month of the previous year in %

Entwicklung der Baupreise

1 including turnover tax.

Price index for residential buildings in November 2014: + 1.6 % on a year earlier

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Import prices

Index of import prices, change on the same month of the previous year in %

Entwicklung der Einfuhrpreise

Import prices in February 2015: -3.0 % on February 2014

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Index of wholesale prices

Construction prices


Construction price indices

Residential property price indices

Purchase values of building land and agricultural properties

Additional Information

Key figures

Change on the same period of the pre­vious year
Consumer prices02/2015+0.1%
Pro­ducer prices of
indus­trial pro­ducts
Construc­tion prices11/20141.6%
Import prices02/2015 -3.0%
Export prices02/20150.7%


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