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Museums and Number of visits

by types of museums and supporting institutions

Type of Museum/Supporting institutions

Numberin 1,000

1 Not included: museums which could not provide data on visits or which were closed.

2 Other bodies organised under public law; societies/cooperative associations;
private foundations; mixed forms of legal organisation, private and public bodies.

Source: Institut für Museumsforschung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz.

Types of museums
History and archaeology museums37937421,49020,816
Specialised cultural history museums68767910,94010,934
Art museums52650818,80018,633
Natural history museums2122116,8847,338
Natural science and technology museums57556018,07118,169
Palace and castle museums23723113,66213,139
Local history, local ethnography and regional museums2,1262,06515,41414,498
Other museums1041076,7236,898
Supporting institutions
Local authorities1,9701,92521,93623,426
Governmental institutions38738024,02423,426
Private patrons2152092,4192,429
Other supporting institutions296995650,74448,595

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