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Education, research, culture

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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Theme in brief

Educational level

Under educational level you will find information on the population's educational level. Data are available on the highest level of general education completed and on the vocational qualification attained - among other things, by age, sex and Land. Also, information is available on the educational level of the population by migrant status, citizenship and employment status. Educational level data are obtained from the microcensus.

School, apprenticeship, higher education

School statistics comprise data on schools of general and vocational education. Also, they cover information on pupils - for example, on school beginners (school enrolments), grade repeaters and school-leavers with higher education entrance qualification - and on teachers.

Under vocational training, information is available on apprentices and the most popular vocational training occupations. Data on apprenticeship contracts newly concluded or cancelled are also provided.

Higher education statistics cover data on (private-sector) institutions of higher education and on higher education personnel. They also provide information on students, among other things, on new entrants, students by subject, length of studies, degrees, doctor's degrees and habilitations.

Continuing education

Official statistics show especially data on continuing vocational training. Information is available, among other things, on continuing vocational training of the economically active population, on continuing education offered by enterprises and on attendance rates of the persons employed.

Research and development

Under research and development, you will find information on the volume, structure and development of financial and personnel resources used for science, research and development. Data are available, among other things, by sector (government sector, private non-profit institutions, institutions of higher education and businesses) and by Land.


Under culture, data are available on the expenditure of public budgets on culture. Here you will find information, among other things, on the expenditure on culture by functional area and Land. Also, data are available on cultural institutions such as museums, theatres and libraries and statistical information can be found on film, television and radio.

Educational finance, promotion of education and training

Under educational finance, promotion of education and training, the education budget gives an overview of the resources available in the education sector and shows the proportion of education expenditure in the gross domestic product. Key figures regarding education expenditure of public budgets are the expenditure per pupil and current basic funds per student.

As regards the promotion of education and training, data are available on government promotion of education and training (Federal Training Assistance Act) and on upgrading training assistance (assistance pursuant to the Upgrading Training Assistance Act). Information is available on the number of people receiving assistance and on the expenditure made.

Regarding the Germany Scholarship, data are available on the number of scholarship holders and on the funds granted to them.


Instituitons of
higher education

Additional Information

Key figures

11.0 mn
Apprentices20161.3 mn
2.9 mn
Research expen­diture2016€ 92.2 bn
Education budget total2015€ 195.1 bn
Edu­cation expen­diture in GDP20156.4%
Recipients of training assis­tance2017782,038


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