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Students enrolled in STEM courses

Students, by selected subject groups1

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Winter semester
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1 Break in time series since winter term 2015/2016 due to reclassification of fields of study. 
For some detailed field the allocation to area of study or subject groups had been changed.

- = No figures or magnitude zero; since winter term 2015/2016 new area of study.

Mathematics, natural sciences144,825309,194145,550315,393149,532
Mathematics, natural sciences, general3,5586,8953,7268,5724,548
Physics, astronomy12,59848,93713,24450,49214,234
Geosciences (excluding geography)7,86218,7437,82118,3247,619
Engineering sciences157,357748,933166,020763,354172,742
Engineering, general9,16847,0059,82548,11010,299
Mining, metallurgy6313,3346813,315682
Mechanical engineering, process engineering39,980200,60039,144198,31539,403
Electrical engineering9,84985,57010,54585,63811,166
Traffic engineering, nautical science3,41828,9453,51228,9363,616
Architecture, interior architecture23,16340,22723,24741,31223,828
Spatial planning4,3438,8944,4558,2944,251
Civil engineering16,26058,81516,96759,33817,299
Business engineering specialising in engineering sciences12,91465,49214,13267,99814,880
Computer science35,682195,27939,482207,35643,225
Materials (gloss, paper, plastic and wood)- 8,2722,0668,1762,088

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