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Schools of general education and vocational schools

Foreign pupils by school type
Type of schoolSchool year
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in %

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1 Of all pupils.
2 Change on previous year.

3 Including basic vocational training year - part-time.

Schools of general education661,5417.9788,0809.419.1
of which
Pre-school classes1,28212.01,56114.121.8
School kindergartens2,95118.13,52721.419.5
Primary schools226,9628.4290,12110.527.8
Orientation stage independent of school type10,16910.112,63512.224.3
Secondary general schools96,71120.799,15023.22.5
Schools with different courses of education29,6165.943,2928.346.2
Intermediate schools62,9577.065,5547.74.1
Grammar schools95,8284.2107,3674.812.0
Integrated comprehensive schools87,1269.9106,03111.121.7
Free Waldorf Schools1,6101.92,1612.634.2
Special schools31,2959.732,45910.23.7
Evening secondary general schools40043.344855.412.0
Evening intermediate schools5,13227.46,41236.624.9
Evening grammar schools2,24614.82,11215.2-6.0
Adult education colleges1,76611.11,97213.111.7
Vocational schools249,88810.0307,85312.223.2
of which
Dual-system vocational schools3118,0748.3131,3459.311.2
Pre-vocational training year 39,97249.580,55866.1101.5
Basic vocational training year 5878.473410.825.0
Vocational extension schools 5222.03624.5-30.8
Full-time vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen)56,68213.159,93214.15.7
Specialised upper secondary schools (Fachoberschulen)12,8609.213,6139.859
Specialised grammar schools 12,1896.311,8176.1-3.1
Two-year full-time vocational schools1,1936.21,2097.11.3
Trade and technical schools 7,6944.08,0164.34.2
Specialised academies5856.65936.61.4
Schools for nurses, midwives etc.15,41010.118,04511.617.1
Schools, total926,8398.41,113,97810.120.2

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