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Schools of general education and vocational schools

Foreign pupils by school type
Type of schoolSchool year
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in %

absolut figures


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1 Of all pupils.
2 Change on previous year.

3 Including basic vocational training year - part-time.

Schools of general education612,5987.3661,5417.98.0
of which
Pre-school classes1,12410.91,28212.014.1
School kindergartens2,46315.02,95118.119.8
Primary schools192,9977.1226,9628.417.6
Orientation stage independent of school type9,2769.310,16910.19.6
Secondary general schools97,52119.296,71120.7- 0.8
Schools with different courses of education22,8504.829,6165.929.6
Intermediate schools67,3007.162,9577.0- 6.5
Grammar schools93,9204.195,8284.22.0
Integrated comprehensive schools80,9809.987,1269.97.6
Free Waldorf Schools1,5751.91,6101.92.2
Special schools33,73710.131,2959.7- 7.2
Evening secondary general schools38339.240043.34.4
Evening intermediate schools4,67224.45,13227.49.8
Evening grammar schools2,34814.52,24614.8- 4.3
Adult education colleges1,4528.81,76611.121.6
Others- - 5,49095.6-
Vocational schools220,3118.8249,88810.013.4
of which
Dual-system vocational schools3110,6537.7118,0748.36.7
Pre-vocational training year 18,41234.639,97249.5117.1
Basic vocational training year 6,04320.25878.4- 90.3
Vocational extension schools 5418.15222.0- 3.7
Full-time vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen)51,92712.256,68213.19.2
Specialised upper secondary schools (Fachoberschulen)12,4088.912,8609.23.6
Specialised grammar schools 11,6426.112,1896.34.7
Two-year full-time vocational schools1,3016.31,1936.2- 8.3
Trade and technical schools 7,3083.87,6944.05.3
Specialised academies5636.45856.63.9
Schools for nurses, midwives etc.13,6678.915,41010.112.8
Schools, total846,5767.7926,8398.49.5

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