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Schools of general education and vocational schools

Schools and classes by type
Typ of schoolsSchool year
absolute figureschange1
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1 Change on previous year.
2 No data available for secondary level stage II where pupils attend individual courses and do not belong to a class anymore.

3 Including basic vocational training year - part-time.

4 No data shown for classes as these are replaced by a system of individual courses.

- = No figures or magnitude zero.

Schools of general education33 63533,547-0.3345,774344,404-1.0
of which
Pre-school classes2852850.0550564-3,0
School kindergartens999984-1.51,7741,870-5,6
Primary schools15,57815,421-1.0131,020130,8740.1
Orientation stage independent of school type1,0591,054-0.54,7034,6103.3
Secondary general schools3,0392,892-4.825,88628,114-15.0
Schools with different courses of education1,8021,8452.421,98521,0688.6
Intermediate schools2,3132,256-2.537,17539,395-10.3
Grammar schools23,1253,117-0.355,19855,862-1.8
Integrated comprehensive schools21,7781,8916.429,36726,42921.0
Free Waldorf Schools22152212.82,6652,6601.7
Special schools3,1172,986-4.235,04936,082-6.1
Evening secondary general schools23244.35252-7.7
Evening intermediate schools129126-2.3350367-7.6
Evening grammar schools21051061.0- - -
Adult education colleges268680.0- - -
Others- - - - 408-
Vocational schools8,8588,789-0.8117,830117,436-0.3
of which
Dual-system vocational schools31,5521,550-0.175,22574,004-1.6
Pre-vocational training year8821,04618.63,7855,22037.9
Basic vocational training year344106-69.21,430357-75.0
Vocational extension schools1513-13.31513-13.3
Full-time vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen)24652,450-0.620,57320,9832.0
Specialised upper secondary schools (Fachoberschulen)868865-0.36,1236,1780.9
Specialised grammar schools48838860.3- - -
Two-year full-time vocational schools2712730.7981916-6.6
Trade and technical schools1,4861,5031.19,2889,3410.6
Specialised academies92975.44104243.4
Schools for nurses, midwives etc1,8131,8300.97,9567,934-0.3
Schools, total44,30644,166-0.3473,733469,774-0.8

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