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Abortions by reason of termination, duration of terminated pregnancy and number of previous live births

You can find results with a higher level of disaggregation in the Federal Health Monitoring System.

X = Cell blocked for logical reasons.

Reason of termination
Medical indication3,9113,7853,8793,5943,7033,3263,4853,077
Criminological indication2028204120272524
Counseling rule97,27894,90895,33896,08099,079103,462105,357107,330
Duration of terminated pregnancy, duration from ... to less than ... weeks
under 13 weeksX X X X X X X X
13 to less than 23 weeksX X X X X X X X
23 and more weeksX X X X X X X X
Duration of terminated pregnancy, duration from ... to ... completed weeks
under 12 weeks98,49695,89296,44296,935100,002104,069105,976107,852
12 to 21 weeks2,0592,1992,1612,1962,2382,2992,4112,117
22 and more weeks654630634584562447480462
Number of previous live births
No previous live birth39,62738,50638,79339,26140,50642,61643,93744,525
1 previous live birth24,03624,25924,86925,31626,71827,91428,12628,429
2 previous live births24,06922,86323,11123,15923,71124,38724,72425,082
3 previous live births8,9958,8958,5338,3108,2608,3558,5088,792
4 previous live births2,9062,7242,5972,5092,4312,4092,4372,438
5 or more previous live births1,5761,4741,3341,1601,1761,1341,1351,165

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