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Deaths, by selected causes of death

Number of deaths, 2015
Code number
Causes of deathTotalMaleFemale
numberin %numberpercentage of
cause of death
numberpercentage of
cause of death
A00 to T98Total925,200100.0449,51248.6475,68851.4
A00 to B99Certain infectious and parasitic diseases19,9432.29,27146.510,67253.5
C00 to C97Malignant neoplasms (cancer) 226,33724.5122,91654.3103,42145.7
F00 to F99Mental and behavioural disorders44,5904.817,26338.727,32761.3
I00 to I99Diseases of the circulatory system356,61638.5157,99644.3198,62055.7
I21 to I22Myocardial infarction (heart attack) 50,9485.529,01657.021,93243.0
J00 to J99Diseases of the respiratory system68,3007.436,60053.631,70046.4
K00 to K93Diseases of the digestive system39,8444.320,68951.919,15548.1
S00 to T98Injury, poisoning and certain other
consequences of external causes
Including: by external cause (V01 to Y98)
V01 to V99Transport accidents3,6880.42,75874.893025.2
W00 to W19Falls12,8671.46,02746.86,84053.2
X60 to X84Intentional self-harm (suicide)10,0781.17,39773.42,68126.6

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