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Expenditure and personnel

The health expenditure accounts determine the expenditure made in the health care system by funding source (public budgets, statutory health insurance funds, etc.), institution and benefit. The cost-of-illness accounts cover the costs directly related to an illness.

The health personnel accounts provide information on the people working in the health care system, including data on their age, sex and occupation.

Information on the cost structure data in the medical sector is available under services.

IN FOCUS / 2015-10-12

Out-patient operations more than tripled since 2002

In German hospitals, just under two million out-patient operations were performed in 2014. The number of such operations more than tripled since 2002, when there were roughly 575,600 treatments (+239%). Compared with other types of hospital treatment, out-patient operations showed by far the largest increase.

The number of cases of part-time in-patient treatment and of treatment preceding or following full in-patient treatment increased markedly, too: It rose from 2.3 million to 6.4 million (+177%) over the same period.

Patients received full in-patient hospital treatment in roughly 19.1 million cases in 2014. Full in-patient treatment thus is by far the most frequent type of treatment. Between 2002 and 2014, the number of these cases of treatment rose by 10%.

Examining the total range of types of treatment in hospital shows that the number of cases rose by one third (+35%) from 2002 to 2014.



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Key figures

Health expenditure2013EUR 314.9 bn
Hospital patients201419.1 mn
Overweight people201352.4%
People in need of long-term care20132.6 mn
Most frequent causes of death
Cardiovascular diseases2013354,493


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