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Health data belong to the basic information demand of all actors in health care and of people interested in health issues. In the political sphere, they provide important information for decisions on how to design the health care system. Businesses are interested in health data because they provide basic information about the health of people as workers, as patients and also as consumers of health products and services. For the interested public, health-related issues are important because they inform about a real-life theme.
Health data reflect the diversity which is associated with the multidimensional term of health. They come from health surveys of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder as well as from calculations of the Federal Statistical Office. The data bases are regularly advanced in order to meet the changing requirements.

In Focus

This photo shows a broken cigarette on 1 January (© Kathrin39 -

New Year, old resolutions: facts about smoking

As every year, many good resolutions will be made at the beginning of 2014. One of the favourite ones this year may be the resolution to stop smoking. The following facts may help to increase the motivation:

In 2012, about 44,500 people in Germany died of lung and bronchial cancer. This type of cancer, which is typical of smoking, ranks fourth among the most frequent causes of death in Germany. Lung and bronchial cancer is even top of the list when it comes to deaths caused by cancer.

The number of women who die from the consequences of smoking is on the rise: in the course of the last 30 years, it tripled to 14,800 in 2012. While in 1980 almost 28,000 male deaths were due to types of cancer that are typical of smoking, fewer than 5,000 women died of such cancer at that time.


Causes of death


Causes of death

The 10 most frequent causes of death

Health personnel

Hospitals, Diagnosis, Secondary diagnosis, procedures, diagnosis related groups




Side-diagnosis, procedures, diagnosis related groups

  • 20 most frequent procedures of hospital patients

  • 20 most frequent secondary diagnosis of hospital patients

Prevention and rehabilitation facilities


Quality care and occupation


Additional Information

Key figures

Beds in hospitals2012501,000
Health expenditure2012EUR bn 300
Reference value to hospitals20132,02%
Most frequent causes of death
Cardiovascular diseases2012349,217


Health expenditure exceeded 300 billion euros in 2012

3.8% fewer abortions in 2013

5.2 million people employed in the health sector in 2012

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