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People in need of long-term care

People in need of long-term care in 2015, by type of care, sex and care level
Provision of carePeople in need of careCare levelNo level
assigned yet
Proportion of
the total number
of people
requiring care

1 Includes cases of hardship.
2 Corresponds to those recipients who receive only long-term care allowance pursuant to Section 37 of SGB XI.
Recipients of combined benefits under Section 38 of SGB XI are included in the figures for home care services.

- = No figures or magnitude zero.

People in need of care receiving domiciliary care2,076,87761. 72.6
Of whom
Cared for by relatives alone21,384,60458.366.726.46.9- 48.4
Cared for together with/by home care service(s)692,27366.759.131.19.8- 24.2
People in need of care receiving full-time residential care783,41671.838.839.610.51.127.4

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