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Income, consumption, living conditions

Assets, debts

Sample Survey of Income and Expenditure

Financial assets, real property and debt of households on 1 January1 

Financial assets and debt

GermanyFormer territory of the Federal Republic2New Länder and Berlin2

1 The results for 2013 have been revised.

2 Before the sample survey of income and expenditure 2013, West Berlin was part of the former territory of the Federal Republic and East Berlin was part of the New Länder.

. = Numerical value unknown or not to be disclosed.

Source: Sample Survey of Income and Expenditure.

Averages per household in Euro
Gross financial assets40,30047,70046,80043,50052,00051,10023,20028,70030,900
Consumer credit residual debt1,4001,7001,8001,4001,7001,8001,3001,6001,800
Education credit residual debt.300500.300500.300500
Net financial assets38,90045,70044,50042,10050,00048,80021,90026,70028,600
Current market values109,70096,400103,600122,600109,100119,60047,50041,00044,900
Mortgage residual debt25,60024,50024,80027,80027,10028,20014,70013,20012,300
Total gross assets150,000144,100150,400166,100161,200170,80070,70069,70075,800
Total debt27,00026,50027,10029,20029,10030,50016,00015,20014,600
Total net assets123,000117,600123,300136,900132,000140,30054,70054,60061,200

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