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Income, consumption, living conditions

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Households owning real property of households on 1 January
Households owning real propertyGermanyFormer territory of1
the Federal Republic
New Länder and1

1 Before the sample survey of income and expenditure 2013, West Berlin was part of the former territory of the Federal Republic and East Berlin was part of the New Länder.

. = Numerical value unknown or not to be disclosed.

Source: Sample Survey of Income and Expenditure.

Households projected (1,000)37,93139,07740,03230,86131,77031,4407,0707,3068,592
In percent1
Households owning real property48.848.047.551.150.150.339.239.037.2
Data provided on type of real property.
Non-built-up land5.
Single-family homes28.628.930.129.829.931.723.924.424.3
Two-family homes6.
Residential buildings comprising 3 or more dwellings2.
Freehold/owner-occupied dwellings12.813.313.814.615.
Other buildings3.
No data provided on type of real property1.

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