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Consumption expenditure - Germany

Results of the consumption expenditure of households are available from different surveys – the sample survey of income and expenditure (EVS) and the continuous household budget surveys (LWR). With a coverage of some 60,000 households, the EVS is the largest voluntary household survey. It is conducted every five years and, due to its large sample size, it is particularly well suited to represent detailed results for highly different household groups. Methodological notes


Consumption expenditure

Private consumption expenditure of households1 in the time comparison2

1 Excluding households of farmers and self-employed persons as well as households with a monthly net household income of EUR 18,000 and over.
2 In the year 2013 not part of the survey.

| = Fundamental change within a series affecting comparisons over time.

Source: Continuous household budget surveys (household book).

Average per household and month
Private consumption expenditure2,2521002,3101002,3751002,3911002,480100
Food, beverages and tobacco31213.932113.932613.733213.934213.8
Clothing and footwear1044.61064.61074.51054.41084.4
Housing, energy, maintenance of the dwelling77534.479634.5| 85636.085935.987735.3
Furnishings, equip­ment and house­hold maintenance1255.51285.51325.61275.31506.1
Transport31914.232914.2| 32513.731413.133513.5
Postal communication and telecommunication572.5572.5612.6612.6622.5
Recreation and culture24410.824510.624810.425210.525810.4
Restaurants and hotels1195.31275.51295.51355.71425.7
Miscellaneous goods and services883.9903.9823.5893.7903.6


Consumption expenditure

Sample Survey of Income and Expenditure

Private consumption expenditure of households in in the time comparison
Private consumption expenditure





Source: Sample Survey of Income and Expenditure (household book).
Average per household and month
Private consumption expenditure2,0611002,1771002,2451002,448100
Food, beverages and tobacco28914.030313.932114.333713.8
Clothing and footwear1185.71125.11064.71194.9
Housing, energy, maintenance of the dwelling65731.969732.073132.684534.5
Furnishings, equipment and household maintenance1457.01275.81135.01245.0
Postal communication and telecommunication512.5683.1652.9662.7
Recreation and culture24712.026112.025511.426110.7
Restaurants and hotels1014.91004.61135.01305.3
Miscellaneous goods and services894.31004.6994.41004.1

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