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Income, consumption, living conditions

Consumption expenditure

Private consumption expenditure of households1 in the time comparison2

1 Excluding households of farmers and self-employed persons as well as households with a monthly net household income of EUR 18,000 and over.
2 In the year 2013 not part of the survey.

| = Fundamental change within a series affecting comparisons over time.

Source: Continuous household budget surveys (household book).

Average per household and month
Private consumption expenditure2,3101002,3751002,3911002,4801002,517100
Food, beverages and tobacco32113.932613.733213.934213.834813.8
Clothing and footwear1064.61074.51054.41084.41104.4
Housing, energy, maintenance of the dwelling79634.5| 85636.085935.987735.389735.6
Furnishings, equip­ment and house­hold maintenance1285.51325.61275.31506.11405.6
Transport32914.2| 32513.731413.133513.534813.8
Postal communication and telecommunication572.5612.6612.6622.5642.5
Recreation and culture24510.624810.425210.525810.425910.3
Restaurants and hotels1275.51295.51355.71425.71465.8
Miscellaneous goods and services903.9823.5893.7903.6903.6

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