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Income, consumption, living conditions

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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Consumption expenditure

Expenditure of households on food, beverages and tobacco

Food, beverages and tobacco

GermanyFormer territory of the Federal Republic excluding Berlin-West1New Länder and Berlin2

1 Until 2008: Former territory of the Federal Republic including Berlin-West, from 2013: Former territory of the Federal Republic excluding Berlin-West.

2 Until 2008: New Länder and Berlin-East, from 2013: New Länder and Berlin.

Source: Sample Survey of Income and Expenditure (household book).

Average per household and month in Euro
Food, beverages and tobacco272290300277296307252261273
Bread and cereals374041384242323334
Fish, seafood788788777
Milk, cheese and eggs323737323839293132
Oils and fats667667667
Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery171818171818161617
Food products (not elsewhere classified)91012910137910
Non-alcoholic beverages313232323333272727
Alcoholic beverages272626272627272625
Average per household and month in percent
Food, beverages and tobacco100100100100100100100100100
Bread and cereals13.413.913.513.614.213.712.512.612.6
Fish, seafood2.
Milk, cheese and eggs11.712.612.411.712.712.511.312.011.9
Oils and fats2.
Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery6.
Food products
(not elsewhere classified)
Non-alcoholic beverages11.311.010.511.411.110.710.610.39.9
Alcoholic beverages10.

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