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Income, consumption, living conditions

Equipment with consumer durables

Equipment1 of households with entertainment electronics in the time comparison2
Entertainment electronics20122014201520162017

1 As at 1 January of the year concerned. Excluding households of self-employed and excluding households with a monthly net household income of 18,000 euros and over.

2 No continuous household budget surveys were conducted in 2013.

3 Prior to 2013, data were collected on the equipment as such. Since 2014, only the availability of a connection has been recorded.

. = Numerical value unknown or not to be disclosed.

Source: Continuous household budget surveys.

Households total (1,000)36,70136,34336,65037,20737,381
Share of the households in percent (equipment rate)
incl. flat screen television58.976.481.384.486.9
Satellite TV connection343.042.945.947.347.0
Cable TV connection345.646.546.546.245.5
Antenna TV connection (DVB-T)3 27.217.916.715.815.1
Pay-TV receiver6.317.617.919.119.0
DVD- and Blu-ray-appliances72.274.767.065.364.5
incl. Blu-ray-appliance..17.520.422.0
Video camera (camcorder)
Photo camera86.385.584.983.581.9
digital 72.875.675.173.672.1
Gaming console (also portable)25.526.725.325.826.1
Number of the goods per 100 households (equipment stock)
Television162.4166.7168.4169.8 171.2 
incl. flat screen television79.5111.6123.6132.6140.5
Satellite TV connection362.0....
Cable TV connection347.3....
Antenna TV connection (DVB-T)3 33.0....
Pay-TV receiver7.021.522.123.422.9
DVD- and Blu-ray-appliances94.297.791.088.487.8
incl. Blu-ray-appliance..19.723.525.6
Camcorder (video camera)25.121.820.720.519.7
Photo camera160.7152.2147.6145.7139.4
digital 103.2109.0107.2105.1101.8
Gaming console (also portable)45.846.644.046.645.9

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