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Income, consumption, living conditions


Burden induced by the residential area and the dwelling
Housing conditions20082009201020112012201320142015
Percentage of the population

1 Pollution, grime or other environmental problems.

2 There is damage due to damp in one or more spots (respondent's assessment):
The roof leaks, the walls, floors or foundation are damp, or there is rot in window frames or floor.

Source: Leben in Europa (EU-SILC) – Households' self-assessment.

There is noise from neighbours or from the street
Total population26.325.825.725.826.126.125.925.8
population at risk of poverty35.334.033.733.633.632.433.334.8
There is crime, violence or vandalism in the area
Total population13.012.712.012.912.513.513.113.8
population at risk of poverty20.821.019.119.818.619.518.419.7
There is environmental pollution1 in the self-used flat or the self-used house
Total population23.122.821.123.122.422.422.823.4
population at risk of poverty27.
There is damage due to damp2
Total population14.014.013.313.713.513.112.312.8
population at risk of poverty22.524.721.823.921.019.319.419.7

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