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Income, consumption, living conditions


Housing costs1 as a proportion of disposable net household income

Type of household

Percentage of housing costs

1 Including water and waste water charges, energy and heating costs, expenditure for dwelling/building maintenance, mortgage interest (for owners), insurance premiums (for owners; for tenants only if they pay the premiums) and other housing costs.

Source: Leben in Europa (EU-SILC) – Households' self-assessment.

Population total31.830.927.528.327.928.227.327.3
Households of ...
persons living alone40.639.
single parents38.539.537.138.738.535.734.434.9
two adults without children29.528.425.726.225.626.925.525.4
two adults with two children30.629.624.524.423.623.422.722.9
Population at risk of poverty total53.351.
Households of ...
persons living alone60.357.554.457.160.258.659.859.6
single parents50.452.748.952.350.948.649.248.0
two adults without children53.047.344.047.643.647.950.646.5
two adults with two children47.844.640.942.942.042.643.943.9

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