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Results of the microcensus 2014

Dwellings, by year of construction, 2014
Year of constructionGermanyFormer territory of the Federal Republic,
excluding Berlin
New Länder and Berlin
1 Dwellings in residential buildings (excluding residential establishments).
Dwellings, total139,19530,6588,538
of which: dwellings erected from ... to ... 
Before 19195,5003,5211,979
1919 to 19485,1263,3891,737
1949 to 197818,13415,4892,645
1979 to 19863,8953,037857
1987 to 19901,076806270
1991 to 20003,0662,373693
2001 to 20101,9161,606310
2011 or later48243646

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