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Income, consumption, living conditions

Theme in brief

In­come, re­ceipts, expen­diture

Households receive their monthly income and receipts from very different sources. The main sources are employment, assets as well as public and non-public transfer payments.
From their receipts, households have to meet many different kinds of expenditure. This includes not only consumption expenditure but also taxes and social security contributions, expenditure on insurance and capital formation as well as loan repayments.

In Focus

New time use survey conducted this year

The time use survey will be taken for the third time in 2012/13, following the surveys of 1991/92 and 2001/02. It covers the time use of households belonging to various population groups in most different life circumstances. The focus is on issues such as the distribution of time among job, household, family and personal activities or on how children and juveniles spend their time. In what form is childcare provided, which learning opportunities and cultural facilities are used? As a new aspect, the survey covers respondents’ subjective perception of time by asking questions about time-related stress, time conflicts and respondents’ wishes with regard to time. Time remains an up-to-date topic. The results of the 2001/02 survey still meet with great interest in politics, business, on the part of the scientific community and interested citizens.


Income, receipts,


Income, receipts and expenditure



Private consumption expenditure of households

Private consumption expenditure of households in the time comparison

Expenditure of households on food, beverages and tobacco

Equipment with
consumer durables


Equipment of households with information and communication technology

Equipment of households with vehicles

Equipment of households with entertainment electronics

Equipment of households with electrical household appliances and others

Equipment of households with PC and internet access

Living conditions,
risk of poverty


Living conditions, risk of poverty

Income distribution (equivalised net income)

European key indicators

At-risk-of-poverty rate after social transfers

Art-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion

Financial situation (households)

Additional Information


Just under 25 euros per month for telephone and internet flat rates

Number of mobile internet users up 43% in 2013

19.6% of the population in Germany affected by poverty or social exclusion

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