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Execution of sentences

Convicted prisoners, by sex, age and type of imprisonment, expected term of imprisonment
Convicted prisoners /
term of imprisonment

As at 31 March of each year


1 Including persons in preventive detention.

Convicted prisoners, total154,51552,41250,85854,643
By sex
By age
14 to under 18 years500439399437
18 to under 21 years2,3412,1182,0272,042
21 to under 30 years16,65815,45714,57714,288
30 to under 50 years27,19126,78226,40327,235
50 years or over7,8257,6167,4527,641
By type of imprisonment
Closed conditions45,57445,95342,62243,370
Open conditions8,9418,4598,2368,273
Sentence of imprisonment49,09747,48646,30847,193
Youth custody4,9104,3974,0103,889
Preventive detention508529540561
By expected term of imprisonment
Less than 3 months5,8545,9716,2226,072
3 months up to 1 year18,34517,19416,79917,627
Over 1 year up to 5 years25,58322,72921,59421,880
Over 5 year up to 15 years4,2724,1063,8403,672
Life imprisonment12,4612,4122,4032,392

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