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Criminal Prosecution

Defendants convicted, by type of offence, 2015
Type of offencePersons convicted
1 Excluding road traffic offences.
2 Including attempted murder.
- = No figures or magnitude zero.
Total offences739,48731,34154,535653,611
Offences against government or public order and offences inoffice121,7159921,78018,943
Offences against the person1109,4778,11710,43490,926
Violation of maintenance obligations1,440- 31,437
Sexual abuse of children1,9202531641,503
Sexual coercion; rape1,038107125806
Bodily harm including serions and dangerous injury160,2646,4457,39246,427
Offences against property352,98716,38325,760310,844
Theft and misappropriation139,3389,92310,575118,840
Robbery and extortion, robberylike assault on motor vehicle drivers7,8351,8451,5324,458
Forgery of documents
(including false certification and modification of official identification documents)
Offences dangerous to the public including crimes against the environment13,6561972933,166
Road traffic offences151,0391,7987,424141,817
Offences under other laws100,6133,8548,84487,915
Narcotics Law55,8633,4157,09745,351
residence act6,97552786,692

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