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Judicial proceedings

Proceedings before social courts
Court order201320142015

1 Excluding proceedings transferred within the courts.
2 Proceedings terminated by court settlement, mutual declaration of settlement, accepted acknowledgement of the claim,
or court decision, in which the insured or beneficiaries were partially or fully successful.

Source: Justice statistics of the social courts.

Complaints filed with the social courts, total1392,999371,388361,816
of which
Complaints relating to SGB II matters148,633140,194127,747
in percent37.837.735.3
Terminated proceedings for SGB II matters1149,986144,365138,780
of which terminated by
Court settlement18,70315,66615,136
Mutual declaration of settlement12,63511,71210,648
Accepted acknowledgement of the claim24,98721,65520,651
Withdrawal of the complaint58,84360,33758,488
Other way of termination15,99716,22214,010
Proceedings for SGB II matters in which the complainants were partially or fully successful1, 261,59254,22851,903
in percent41.137,637.4

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