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Live births by birth order

Live births, by birth order in the present marriage and by birth order for all the children born alive to the woman, 20171
Birth order for all the children born alive to the woman


Live births (parents are married to each other)
totalof whom ... were children of the present marriage
1st2nd3rd4th or further

1 The child born alive in the reference year is included in the birth order for all the children born alive to the woman.

2 Excluding Berlin.

- = No figures or magnitude zero.

1st child369,653211,036211,036- - -
2nd child274,655199,3838,464190,919- -
3rd child94,69970,2902,7033,82763,760-
4th or further child45,87731,4519141,4941,39827,645
Former territory of the Federal Republic2
1st child300,900187,355187,355- - -
2nd child223,013172,9376,753166,184- -
3rd child77,67360,6772,1482,96355,566-
4th or further child36,91826,6127131,1391,07323,687
New Länder2
1st child48,67214,94214,942- - -
2nd child38,41218,7051,41217,293- -
3rd child12,606 6,8814747355,672-
4th or further child6,5303,4591703102942,685

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