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In FOCUS / 2015-02-23

Couples in Germany: partners of similar age are preferred

In statistical terms, relationships with a big age difference are relatively rare in Germany. In 2014, the proportion of couples with an age difference of ten or more years was just 8%. This proportion was slightly higher for unmarried couples (11%) than for married couples (8%).

In most cases, there was only a small age difference between the two partners. Nearly half of the couples (47%) had an age gap of between one and three years. At the time of the survey, the partners were of the same age in one in ten couples (10%).

Regardless of the actual difference in age, the most common age distribution is the 'traditional' one where the man is older than the woman. In 2014, this applied to roughly three quarters of all couples (73%), while the reverse was true for just 17%. Among unmarried couples, a significantly higher proportion of the women (24%) was older than the men as compared with married couples (16%).

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