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Foreign population, by status under residence law

Foreign population on 31 December 2016, by status under residence law
Status under residence lawNumber

1 All foreigners who are citizens of an EU Member State are entitled to full freedom of movement; therefore, they are
all categorised under the heading "entitled to freedom of movement under EU law".

2 The residence status is significant only for EU third-country nationals.

Source: Central Register of Foreigners.

For more detailed information please refer to Publication "Ausländische Bevölkerung" (only German).

Foreign population, total10,039,080
Entitled to freedom of movement under EU law14,361,240
With residence status2
With a residence title, subtotal4,306,560
With a permanent residence title2,498,235
With a fixed-term residence title
For educational purposes200,665
For the purpose of economic activity147,630
Under international law or on humanitarian or political grounds633,625
For family reasons694,605
Special rights of residence131,800
Other cases
Exempted from the requirement for a residence title, displaced foreigners9,405
Application filed for a residence title201,770
Without residence status2
Temporary suspension of deportation154,780
Permission to remain pending the asylum decision522,915
Without residence title, no suspension of deportation or permission to remain482,415

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