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Population in private households by migrant background and main source of livelihood

Population in private households, 2017, by migrant background
Main source of livelihoodPopulation in private households
Totalwithout a migrant backgroundwith a migrant background in the narrower sense
migration experience of their own
in 1,000

Results of the microcensus.

More detailed results are contained in the specialist publication Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund (only German).

/ = no data because the numerical value is not sufficiently reliable.

Unemployment benefit3,3551,8221,533296194909134
Unemployment benefit I64044519566149817
Unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)2,7151,3771,338231180811116
Property, letting, interest6105317922646/
Support by family members20,07713,2826,7966903,5911,863652
Other public support2,2891,2361,0531877773554
Public assistance768316452942031918
Parental allowance33926574316288

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