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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

At-risk-of-poverty rate by migrant background and selected variables

At-risk-of-poverty rate, 2017, by migrant background
Selected variablesPopulation in private households
totalwithout a migrant backgroundwith a migrant background in the narrower sense
migration experience of their own
in percent

Results of the microcensus.
More detailed results are contained in the specialist publication Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund (only German).

/ = no data because the numerical value is not sufficiently reliable.

Population in private households, total15.811.828.619.923.037.230.7
By school-leaving certificate
Secondary general school certificate17.815.726.921.719.333.023.3
Intermediate school10.58.220.416.315.628.615.3
Entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences8.46.317.814.510.525.016.3
General higher education entrance qualification11.88.621.814.714.327.417.0
No qualification attained46.439.549.640.037.953.245.7
Still in education20.712.934.031.325.359.147.6
By employment status
Labour force9.77.617.
Persons in employment7.
By main source of livelihood
Unemployment benefit70.668.073.769.366.477.171.3
Property, letting, interest21.419.335.128.5/ 39.7/
Support by family members20.014.530.624.623.244.039.5
Other public support54.640.471.654.343.879.860.8

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