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Population in private households by migrant background and type of living arrangement

Population in private households, 2017, by migrant background
Type of living arrangementPopulation in private households
Totalwithout a migrant backgroundwith a migrant background in the narrower sense
migration experience of their own
in 1,000

Results of the microcensus.

1 Population in households at main residence of the living arrangement.

More detailed results are contained in the specialist publication Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund (only German).

Population in families39,57227,29212,2802,4874,4114,2081,175
As married couples15,80310,9924,8111,7771782,596260
As cohabiting couples2,1101,7763341051119127
As lone parents2,6191,9896292332533536
With married couples13,7968,6095,1882583,420848662
With cohabiting couples1,5471,222325132254541
With lone parents3,6972,704993101552193148
Couples without children23,77320,1473,6261,6481051,740133
As married couples without children19,39116,3773,0141,450831,39388
As cohabiting couples without children4,3823,7706121992134646
Unattached population18,48315,1183,3651,1011021,990171
As persons living alone16,78913,9462,843974851,640144
As unattached persons in multi-person households1,6941,1725231271835028

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