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Population in private households by migrant background and highest vocational qualification attained

Population in private households, 2017, by migrant background
Population in private households
Totalwithout a
migrant back­ground
with a migrant background in the narrower sense
migration experience of their own
in 1,000

Results of the microcensus.

More detailed results are contained in the specialist publication Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund (only German).
. = numerical value unknown or no cases existing.
/ = no data because the numerical value is not sufficiently reliable.

With vocational qualification52,32344,3178,0063,5115623,417516
Apprenticeship and the like33,60828,9004,7082,2203751,731382
Master craftsman/technician and the like5,5604,8367243825124348
Specialised and engineering schools, GDR64163297/ / /
Bachelor's, total1,5361,0265101184432425
Bachelor's, vocational academy9371225/ 12/
Bachelor's, university of applied sciences66351714554206011
Bachelor's, university781437343582225112
Master's, total96960136875152698
Master's, vocational academy1697/ / / /
Master's, university of applied sciences1911434815/ 27/
Master's, university76244931359102386
Diplom degree and the like, total9,0887,5621,5266486976248
Diplom degree, vocational academy3442915321/ 25/
Diplom degree, university of applied sciences3,2542,8623922032215115
Diplom degree, university5,494,4091,0814244358530
Doctor's degree82368813551674/
No data provided on type of qualification attained9872268/ 14/
No qualification attained11,7836,7205,0631,4052073,204247
Still undergoing training17,36011,2936,0672913,8331,232711
No response27415212128684/

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