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Population development

The change over time in the current population characterises the population development in Germany. In the course of a year, the number of inhabitants increases through births and arrivals from abroad and, at the same time, decreases through deaths and departures to other countries. In Germany, there has been a birth deficit for quite some time because every year more people die than are born. Under migration, data are shown on people who have left Germany or who have come here. A crucial factor for the population development is the difference between arrivals and departures, that is, net migration.
Long-term policy and planning must be based on well-founded expectations of future population development. Population projections are available for the purpose

In FOCUS / 2013-05-31

1.5 million fewer people living in Germany according to new calculations

As shown by recent cal­cula­tions based on the 2011 Census, the num­ber of in­habi­tants in Germany was only 80.3 million on 31 De­cem­ber 2011 as com­pared to 81.8 million cal­cula­ted so far on the basis of past censuses. This is a difference of 1.5 million people or 1.9%.

The statistical difference varies considerably between the individual Länder. It is particularly large in the city states of Berlin (-176,000 people or -5.0%) and Hamburg ( 81,000 people or -4.5%). Thus not more than 3.3 million people lived in Berlin on 31 December 2011, while the number of in­habi­tants of Hamburg was 1.7 million.

As regards the non-city Länder, the largest statistical difference was recorded for Baden-Württemberg (-274,000 people or -2.5% down to 10.5 million in­habi­tants), followed by Sachsen (-83,000 or -2.0% down to 4.1 million) and Thüringen (-40,000 or -1.8% down to 2.2 million). The smallest difference occurred in Rheinland-Pfalz where, on 31 December 2011, the number of in­habi­tants was by about 9,000 lower (-0.2%) than cal­cula­ted previously. The cal­cula­tions made on the new basis did not result in an in­crease in the population of any Land.



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Key figures

Population (30.09.)201481.1 mn
Live births2014714,966
Net migration2013+428,607
Households201440.2 mn
Families with minor children20148.1 mn
Population with migrant background201420.3%


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