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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Theme in brief

Population development, demographic change

The current population pages provide current population data and various historical time series. The population data are available, among other things, by age, sex and Land. Here you will also find information on the numbers of inhabitants of the municipalities.

The population projection provides information on the future population development in Germany as a whole and in the Länder.

Households, families

In the microcensus, data on households and families are collected. Information is available, for example, on the type and size of households. Also, the household projection provides data on the future development of households.

Data on the population by marital status (for instance, on married couples and registered same-sex partnerships) are also available from the microcensus. In addition, you will find information on families with minor children by family form (married couples, lone parents, etc.) and on the number of children.


Under migration & integration, you will find data on people with or without a migrant background. Also, information is available on the foreign population and on naturalisations.

Data on internal migration and on external migration by country of destination and origin and by citizenship of immigrants and emigrants can be found under migration.

Information on refugees and people seeking refuge is available on our special page.


Birth statistics provide information on live births and stillbirths. Data on live-born children are available by variables such as sex, month of birth and Land.

In addition, you can find information on the average age of mothers at birth, on the completed fertility per woman, on the total fertility rate (birth rate), on the birth interval and the birth order.

Deaths, life expectancy

Under deaths, life expectancy, you will find data on deceased people by sex, marital status and age. Death statistics thus provide the basic demographic information required to assess mortality, life expectancy and population ageing.

You may also access the current life tables. They provide information, for example, on probabilities of death and on the sex-specific average life expectancy for the individual years of age.

Marriage, divorce, life partnerships

Continuous population statistics in 2016: publication delays

As regards continuous population statistics (vital statistics, migration, intercensal population updates) for the reference months from 2016, delays of at least eight months are expected compared with the publication dates originally scheduled (for 1st quarter of 2016: end of July 2016 for vital statistics and migration, and mid-August for population figures). Currently the statistics are affected by two fundamental changes. First, the statistics are subject to the changeover to a new technical processing procedure. Second, as regards migration statistics, the standard data transmission from the residents' registration offices to the statistical offices is going to change. In both areas, software production is delayed.




Population with migrant background

Foreign population by



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