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Public finance & taxes

General government

Total expenditure, total revenue and overall balance for all subsectors of general government
(core and extra budgets, in millions of euros)
YearSubsectorTotal expenditureTotal revenueOverall balance2Publication date

1 Including Germany’s share of the European Union’s budgetary operations.

2 Including the balance of internal offsetting items.

3 Preliminary results.

Further information can be found in the expenditure, revenue and financial balance of public budgets.

20181st Quarter
Total general govern­ment1353,750344,515-9,2346 July 2018
Central government98,07493,831-4,233
State government95,40099,9754,566
Local government60,28954,944-5,346
Social security funds161,375157,154-4,221


1st to 4th Quarter
Total general govern­ment11,367,8501,429,71161,89711 April 20183
Central government376,138406,75130,633
State government383,299395,40512,115
Local government247,723258,42310,700
Social security funds624,924633,3668,448
1st to 3rd Quarter
Total general govern­ment11,008,8451,041,49532,725

5 February 2018

Central government279,779299,05019,289
State government277,652290,78413,186
Local government178,653181,1972,543
Social security funds466,425464,129-2,293
1st to 2nd Quarter
Total general govern­ment1665,461671,6626,253

2 November 2017

Central government179,468181,4692,012
State government186,279191,9035,662
Local government117,190117,788598
Social security funds310,453308,432-2,019
1st Quarter
Total general govern­ment1335,209327,524 -7,65127 July 2017
Central government95,05493,834-1,219
State government92,70095,6102,942
Local government57,65552,740-4,914
Social security funds155,591151,130-4,460
20161st to 4th Quarter
Total general govern­ment11,326,1421,351,85125,7977 April 2017
Central government362,651367,6455,017
State government370,757379,6928,991
Local government241,687247,0645,377
Social security funds597,439603,8436,412
1st to 3rd Quarter
Total general govern­ment1979,591979,459-7529 December 2016
Central government271,485270,800-666
State government269,063274,6895,658
Local government173,710170,813-2,897
Social security funds444,983442,806-2,169
1st to 2nd Quarter
Total general govern­ment1647,699652,0624,36827 September 2016
Central government176,819181,3374,532
State government179,075183,2284,144
Local government113,050110,072-2,978
Social security funds294,730293,400-1,329

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