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Public finance & taxes

Public finance

Public expenditure by selected functional areas
Functional area20102011
million Euro%million Euro%
1 Including common local services.
2 Food, agriculture and forestry, power production and water industry, industry, services.
Public security, law and order, justice and judicial activities37,1293.437,9663.4
Schools, institutions of higher education, other education91,9408.394,8328.5
Science, research, development outside the institutions of higher education12,9131.213,4271.2
Cultural affairs, church affairs9,2940.89,3060.8
Social security626,16256.6624,91556.3
Health, environment, sports and recreation16,5481.515,1371.4
Housing, urban development and regional policy120,6421.919,7921.8
Promotion of economic development227,4632.529,4512.7
Transport and communications20,3511.820,4751.8

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