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Official Development Assistance

Sources of German ODA (Official Development Assistance) funding in 2017
Source of funding2017
Net disbursements1
EUR million

1 Net = reflows such as repayments of loans and sales proceeds from equities are deducted.

2 Differences with other publications are due to the table's specific format.

3 In 2017, differing from the current names listed here, the following department responsibilities and names applied:
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and Federal Ministry of the Interior.

4 Funds raised by KfW in the capital market which, on behalf of the Federal Government,
are made available to Germany's development cooperation partners as concessional loans.

0.0 = 0 - 0.049

Total disbursements22,182.2100.0
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development27,590.334.2
Federal Foreign Office23,171.314.3
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety2 3376.91.7
Federal Ministry of Finance2373.81.7
Federal Ministry of Education and Research181.30.8
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media164.80.7
Federal Ministry of Health68.10.3
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy255.70.3
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture44.50.2
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs14.70.1
Federal Minstry of the Interior, Building and Community311.90.1
Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection5.20.0
Federal Ministry for Familiy Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth3.40.0
Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure 1.00.0
German Bundestag0.70.0
Federal Ministry of Defence0.210.0
ODA-eligible share of the EU budget1,823.98.2
Federal property6.80.0
Market funds41,991.99.0
DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft-122.7-0.6

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