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Asset structure of public funds, institutions and enterprises with commercial accounting, 2015

Asset structure of public funds, institutions and enterprises with commercial accounting
By economic branchBalance sheet
Stock of
fixed assets
Other assets1 /
deferred items
in EUR millionin % of balance sheet total

1 Subscribed capital unpaid, start-up and business expansion expenses; deferred tax assets, capital devaluation account according to section 26 subsection 3 and section 28 of the D-Mark balance sheet act, special loss account according to section 17 subsection 4 of the D-Mark balance sheet act, participation devaluation account according to section 24 subsection 5 of the balance sheet act, deficit not covered by equity capital.

2 Classification of Economic Activities, 2008 edition (WZ 2008).

All economic branches21 929 84956,441,32,3
Real estate activities181 56685,612,22,2
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply164 76474,025,30,7
Water supply46 68488,811,10,2
Sewerage76 96593,46,40,2
Activities of head offices; management consultancy activities124 39680,019,40,7
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security315 21550,148,71,1
Human health activities65 72767,329,53,1
Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities; materials recovery19 58966,732,01,3
Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities6 67084,514,60,9
Land transport and transport via pipelines 40 20579,520,30,2
Others888 06838,957,53,6

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