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Public finance & taxes

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In brief

Public finance

Public finance statistics regularly provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of the entire public finance management. They show the revenue obtained by the overall public budget, the expenditure that was financed by such revenue, and the extent to which the overall public budget had to use outside funds (borrowing on the credit market) or reserves to cover the financial balance. The future burden placed on the overall public budget through outside funds borrowed is shown in the tables on public debt.
The great importance of data of public finance statistics as a basis for central decision-making in terms of fiscal, economic and monetary policies is illustrated by the large share of public expenditure in the gross domestic product (about 45%).


Tax statistics are based on analyses of the data obtained in the context of the taxation procedure. Thus the burden placed on both economic units and statistical offices is smaller compared to the burden caused by direct interviews. Tax statistics hence make a non-negligible contribution to reducing the administrative burden.

Public service

One of a public budgets’ largest expenditure items is personnel expenditure. In addition to active duty personnel expenditure, it becomes increasingly important to take into account the expenditure on the old-age pensions for retired public officials, judges and professional soldiers. The results of the statistics on public service personnel and on public service pensioners are a basis for political decisions to be taken on the further development of legal provisions on public officials and their remuneration and pensions as well as on collective agreements. They provide important basic data to be used for changes in the public old-age pension system and serve as a basis for projections of future expenditure on pensions and related benefits. Taking into account that public officials are not obliged to contribute to social insurance, personnel statistics are the only comprehensive source of information to supplement the data collected by the Federal Employment Agency on employees subject to social insurance contributions.


Additional Information

Key figures

Public finance in billion Euro
ExpenditureQ III/ 20181.044,0
RevenueQ III/ 20181.076,1
Financial balanceQ III/ 201832.1
DebtQ III/ 20181,929.8
Tax revenueQ III/ 2018189.0
Joint taxesQ III/ 2018137.3
Federal taxesQ III/ 201826.4
Land and municipal taxesQ III/ 201823.9


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