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Persons employed in public service are 44.5 years old on average

The main issue of the current discussions on the development of persons employed in public service is their age structure. On 30 June 2015, roughly 4.8 million people were employed in public service (including persons on leave of absence without remuneration) in Germany. The average age of the persons employed was 44.5 years. 15% were younger than 30 years, 11% were 60 years or older.

Among the total of the roughly 30.8 million employees subject to social insurance contributions, 21% were younger than 30 years at the same reference date. This was 6 percentage points more than in the public service. One of the reasons for the difference is the high proportion of university graduates in the public service. As they start their professional life later, the proportion of younger persons employed is lower.

7% of the employees subject to social insurance contributions were 60 years or older - 4 percentage points less than in public service. The larger proportion of older persons employed is largely due to the fact that the great number of teachers who were hired in the 1960s and 1970s as a consequence of the baby boom are now at pensionable age. In the last few years already, they led to record numbers of retirements.

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Key Figures

Public service personnel20174.74 bn
Including public officials and judges20171.68 bn
Public service pensioners20181.67 bn
New pensioners201761,600
Including incapacity for work201710,000

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