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Public finance & taxes

Staff of public employers

Public service and publicly controlled institutions with private legal status,
30 June 2016


Public employers1


public serviceinstitutions
and enterprises
with private
legal status3
totalcore budgets

institutions not legally
independent but with
accounting system
of their own

institutions with
public legal status2
1 Including indirect and mixed holdings.
2 Including special-purpose associations.
3 Under public majority control, excluding institutions for science, research and development.
4 Including Federal Employment Agency.
X = Cell blocked for logical reasons.
Federal level489.5426.633.629.3203.4692.8
Länder level2,364.11,730.0189.8444.4163.12,527.2
Municipal level1,464.41,140.2187.6136.6793.42,257.8
Social insurance4371.1362.9X 8.139.3410.4

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