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Corporation tax

Basic data of corporation tax statistics
Corporation tax liability/ Basis of taxation2010
Number Euro 1,000

1 Including controlling company, which is also subsidiary company.
2 Adjusted gross income additionally controlling company added income

3 Obliged to break down their equity capital.
4 Of the unlimited corporation tax payer.

- = No figures ore magnitude zero.

Adjusted gross income
All taxpayers1,051,819136,671,253
Unlimited income tax payer1,007,152131,561,760
Profit cases665,593186,167,194
Loss cases341,559-54,605,434
Limited income tax payer15,3794,760,062
Tax groups129,1861,265,584
Profit cases219,036154,790,860
Loss cases210,150-34,980,258
Tax-empted corporations329,288349,431
Corporation tax assessed4
Negative- -

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